Invest with peace of mind.

Access a unique investment model for short-term rentals. Simply diversify your assets by selecting the finest properties without the operational stress.

The nature of the investment

By investing, you are lending money for the house purchase project, which also includes renovation and reserves for future renovations. In return, you receive money every month based on the rental yield of the property.

The value of your investment varies with that of the property, allowing you to potentially gain from property appreciation.

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With peace of mind

Your investment is a long-term placement intended for a period of ten years. If you wish to withdraw your initial investment before the end of this period, you can do so without any fees thanks to liquidity clauses.

Your investment is protected by a guarantee, a mortgage, which allows you to recover your share of the property sale proceeds in case of default.

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Advantageous tax treatment

If you reside in France, the income received is is subject to the flat tax of 30%. Otherwise, you are only subject to a French withholding tax of 12.8% and a solidarity tax of 7.5% (total 20.3%). The fact that you have invested in the house but are not the owner allows you to avoid paying tax on rental income and to not include your investment in the calculation of the French real estate wealth tax (IFI).