Invest in your fondest memories.

Welcome to Harmony, a collection of beautiful holiday homes to invest in and enjoy.

Harmony enables its Club members to invest in beautiful homes to earn rental income and to travel to these peaceful havens at a preferential rate.

Harmony's mission? To create beautiful homes so that everyone can enjoy the present and build for the future. We offer modern investment in aspirational, high-performance properties where travellers can share wonderful moments with friends and family.

Behind Harmony are Clément, Lionel, Dimitri, and Parysatis, who met at business school in 2011. The first three have been partners for 7 years and decided to welcome Parysatis in 2023 to build the Harmony brand.

Together, the four founders reveal the genesis of a new vision of investment and hospitality: creating a collection of beautiful vacation homes in which to invest and travel.

"We designed our platform to be as simple, warm, and transparent as possible, so our members can fully enjoy their investment and their vacations", adds Lionel Sadoun.


Our team has a wealth of experience in real estate, technology, luxury goods and finance.

Parysatis PEYMANI
Dimitri ROTH

Around them, professionals from the real estate, finance, and hospitality sectors have joined forces. Together, they have already convinced more than 80 investors, forming a budding community of people who share values such as quality, design, functionality, aesthetics, and environmental impact.

Harmony also surrounds itself with iconic brands like Selency. Having become true partners, they offer their finest products and services for each home, creating a harmonious collection of unique places.

Iconic brands such as Selency have joined the Harmony adventure