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Provence village view

Harmony carefully selects homes that accommodate small groups of travelers (families, friends, colleagues) to create memorable moments and offer interesting projects for the future. How are the properties selected? We review numerous criteria: locations, potential, property types, specifications, and renovation.

Charming villages

Short-term rentals established in major cities often have consequences for residents: rent increases if not regulated, competition with first-time buyers wanting to purchase their primary residence.

We aim to create a virtuous circle. That's why we choose to invest in charming villages by the sea, in the mountains, and in the countryside, where municipalities view the creation of tourist accommodations as an alternative to hotels favorably. Through quality renovations, we highlight local heritage and tourism. By creating high-end homes, we attract premium travelers to these locations.

Furthermore, short-term rentals are more frequently occupied than second homes, thus promoting local life and economy.


Attractive regions

The choice of region and villages is crucial for both travelers and investors for the profitability of the property. We rely on solid data provided by our partner AirDNA to analyze the areas in France where properties will perform best based on four criteria: rental demand, revenue growth, seasonality, and regulation.

These regions have seasonal appeal both in summer and winter and are close to major population centers to maximize occupancy rates during off-seasons. These include:

  • Normandy and the northern coast with Le Touquet, which attracts travelers due to its proximity to Paris, Lille, and Belgium.

  • Tourist resorts in the Vosges, located near wealthy and bordering regions such as Alsace, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

  • The French Alps, jewels in Europe, with resorts where the price per square meter is still accessible.

  • The southeastern quarter, populated by major cities and attracting French and foreign tourists to Provence, natural parks (Lubéron, Alpilles, Cévennes), the French Riviera, or the Mediterranean coast in Occitanie.

Beautiful homes

We choose to invest in beautiful homes. Houses rather than apartments to avoid condominiums, their fees borne by investors, and their regulations that could limit flexibility in renovations and choices related to property use. We pay particular attention to the neighborhood and the municipality.

We aim for homes that can accommodate between 8 and 15 travelers. Indeed, properties accommodating more than 15 travelers must comply with stringent standards for public reception establishments (ERP). Conversely, below 8 travelers, short-term rentals compete with hotel rates. For a larger group, the choice of short-term rental is more obvious."

Maison piscine

Finally, larger homes allow for increased profitability compared to the price per square meter because fixed costs and maintenance expenses are better distributed than in smaller spaces. They are obviously more spacious and comfortable, with larger outdoor areas offering a qualitative travel experience conducive to memorable moments.

Minimal renovations

Once the house is pre-selected, numerous criteria come into play: construction date, necessary renovations, capacity, dimensions of common areas, environment and location, heating system, and evaluation of energy efficiency, price history compared to the region.

Each potential house is visited with an architect to ensure the sustainability and viability of the existing structure and to assess the necessary renovations. For every project, we ensure that the budget allocated to renovations does not exceed 20% of the property price. Indeed, the goal is for the property to quickly enter the rental market and for the renovations to be minimal enough to avoid any major pitfalls.

interior cooking

High-End Amenities

Each property is equipped with amenities sought after by travelers that are easy to set up: WiFi, television and streaming services, workspace, free parking, self-check-in (keybox and welcome booklet), baby-friendly facilities (high chair, crib, safety gate), and pet-friendly policies. The team makes decisions based on the market regarding amenities that require financial investment or more space: swimming pool, jacuzzi, barbecue, washing machine, dryer, air conditioning.

Furthermore, we plan for durable furnishings and high-end, neutral, and attractive decoration to appeal to a broad audience. The interior designer prioritizes a quality-to-price ratio with a focus on durability for important pieces of furniture. We also opt for second-hand designer furniture that will have a long lifespan. Final decorative touches can be made with a smaller budget and changed as needed.


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