How to invest with Harmony?

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Investor relations

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Once you've registered with Harmony, you'll be able to simply invest in vacation rental homes. Here's how to make this secure investment.

Registration and identity verification

You can register on Harmony either by logging in with Google or with your e-mail address. In this case, we'll ask you to verify your address by clicking on the link in the email you received.

In order to offer you secure payment, we have partnered with an approved payment service provider. To comply with their requirements, we will ask you for a valid form of identification. If you wish to invest through a company, you will need to provide additional documents (Kbis, articles of association, etc.).

Flexible investment amounts

Once your account has been validated, you can browse the pages of properties in which you can invest. You'll find all the information and documents you need to make an informed decision. You can then decide how much you wish to invest, starting at €1,000 and with no maximum amount.

We suggest committing funds that you can afford not to use during the investment period. In addition, we advise you to adopt a diversification approach by spreading your investment capacity over various projects.

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A regulated activity

When a company offers financial securities to the public, it must comply with European regulations transcribed into the French Monetary and Financial Code. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) oversees the application of these regulations.

As part of this process, before issuing any securities, we file a summary information document (document d’information synthétique, DIS) with the AMF. This document details all the financial and contractual terms of the project, as well as the risks associated with the investment. It is systematically sent to all members wishing to subscribe to the operation.

Secure payment

To ensure optimum service, we partner with a certified payment service provider, authorized to carry out transactions and hold money by the European authorities.

Offering robust security, encryption and authentication protocols, it is used by reputable companies (La Redoute, Vinted, Veepee, leboncoin, chrono24, etc.) to facilitate secure payments.


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