Where to invest in Normandy?

Lionel Sadoun

Investor relations

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Normandy, where history harmoniously blends with breathtaking landscapes. If the idea of investing in a property for 8 to 12 people for short-term rental appeals to you, let yourself be guided through the real estate gems that this French region has to offer. Whether you are drawn to the picturesque charm of Honfleur, the spectacular cliffs of Étretat, or the medieval history of Bayeux, Normandy is full of unique opportunities. In the elegant world of luxury real estate, Normandy emerges as an idyllic backdrop, combining a rich cultural heritage with breathtaking scenery. This article explores the most promising Norman cities to invest in short-term rental properties.

Top 4 of bad ideas:

Deauville: seaside elegance

Prized for its casino, horse racing, and beaches, Deauville is not optimal for short-term rental, with an alarming AirDNA rating of 27/100. Rental demand is decreasing, seasonality is mixed, and the municipality is tightening control over the market. Avoid for this type of investment.


Honfleur: the brilliance of a picturesque harbor

Facing the sea with undeniable charm, Honfleur attracts visitors with its picturesque harbor and colorful houses. It is a magnet for tourists seeking romance and tranquility. However, with an AirDNA rating of 50/100, the market has recently undergone regulation (January 2022), affecting rental demand outside the high season (April-August). An investment to approach with caution, timing is crucial.


Cabourg: romantic and family charm

Known for its Grand Hotel and romantic film festival, Cabourg appeals to lovers of romantic or family stays. Although similar to Honfleur, Cabourg gained popularity in 2023, recovering some of the travelers left by Deauville (AirDNA rating 53/100).


Étretat: a natural and artistic symphony

For enthusiasts of unique experiences, Étretat offers spectacular cliffs and pebble beaches, creating a natural and artistic canvas. However, its marked seasonality with a high occupancy rate in August (83%) but less than 30% from November to March (AirDNA rating 54/100) may influence your investment decision.


Top 4 of hidden gems:

Bayeux: a dive into medieval history

Offering an immersion into medieval history with its famous tapestry, Bayeux attracts history enthusiasts. With an outstanding AirDNA rating of 79/100, all indicators are green, despite slight seasonality marked by a peak in August.


Giverny: artistic refinement awaits

Art and garden enthusiasts, Giverny welcomes you with open arms. With an exceptional AirDNA rating of 91/100, it's a refined option to consider. However, keep in mind that these statistics are based on only 32 short-term rental properties.


Cherbourg: a port with diverse opportunities

An important maritime port, Cherbourg offers a unique combination of maritime culture, history, and modern activities. With an exceptional AirDNA rating of 93/100 and increasing demand throughout the year, it's a strategic choice for a diversified and attractive investment.


Rouen: a historic urban panorama

Rich in history and architecture, Rouen offers an unparalleled urban experience in Normandy. With a dazzling AirDNA rating of 96/100, this large city presents unparalleled cultural potential for a successful investment.


In conclusion, each Norman city offers a unique palette of investment opportunities. Whether you are drawn to the timeless charm of Honfleur, the medieval history of Bayeux, or the urban panorama of Rouen, Normandy reveals its hidden gems for those who know where to look. Before diving into this captivating world, carefully analyze the markets and consider seasonal specifics to make informed decisions. Normandy reaches out to you, ready to welcome you into the enchanting realm of charming real estate.